The Chargers’ Running Backs Are Ripped as a Pair of Jean Shorts

The Los Angeles Chargers have officially begun their rebuild. Under head coach Anthony Lynn, who spearheaded the league’s best running game last year as the Buffalo Bills’ offensive coordinator, it appears as though Los Angeles will be trying to pound the rock in 2017.

Makes sense, considering Melvin Gordon finally proved his doubters wrong last season by emerging as one of the most violent runners in football.

So where do the Chargers go from here, after Gordon broke out in 2016? Easy.

Get JACKED. Real jacked.

So jacked, in fact, that I’m already starting to question whether this team is going to hear from the league office in a few weeks.

I mean look at Kenneth Farrow, man (photos via

Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 3.47.25 PM

THE DUDE IS AN ANIMAL. Jacked as shit!

When you compare his physique today to what it looked like last year, it’s easy to question whether the league will do some investigating.

Kenneth Farrow

Speaking of last year, Gordon’s looking just as huge.


FREAK. If Melvin gets suspended, I’m gonna blow my brains out. The dude is a maniac with the ball in his hands.

Even Andre Williams is looking swole.


Ground and pound, baby. Ground and pound.


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